Mold Tool Design

Mold Base

Load an entire mold base plate set in just minutes utilizing standard and user-defined catalog parts.

  • Easily load a standard mold base from commercial catalogs.
  • Work efficiently with non-standard mold bases using a dynamic mold base template that inculudes all components (plates, sliders, etc.).
  • Instantly modify dimensions of components and replace parts in the mold base at any point in the mold design process.

Ejection System

Ejection system design in Cimatron is done with a dedicated set of tools that offer:

  • Add hundreds of ejections from commercial or use defined catalogs in a single step - the system will automatically find the right spot, analyze the plates they go through, and take care of the trimming.
  • Create pockets that are tight around the upper end of the ejector and loose along the body.
  • Associate ejectors with their drilling procedures to streamline NC programming.

Cooling Systems

  • Simplify the creation of complex cooling system and all required cooling elements (channels, plugs, connectors, baffles, nipples, etc.) with dedicated design tools.
  • Detect any interference and receive alerts if cooling channels are positioned too close to other key components.
  • Associate cooling channels with their drilling and gun drilling procedures to streamline NC procramming.

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3-Axis Milling

Efficient Roughing Functionality

Maximize material removal rate while prolonging tool life.

  • Built-in NC-Preview function enables to preview machining results in a matter of seconds, allowing programmers to optimize machining strategies and eliminate errors early in the process
  • Stock is continuously updated throughout the various orientations, generating an efficient toolpath for any selected machining strategy.
  • Tool shank and holder collision checking against the auto-update stock s performed automatically at all stages of Rough and ReRough operations.
  • For highly-productive High-Speed Milling (HSM) and long tool life, the system generates an all-rounded toolpath with constant tool load, trochoidal milling, advanced clean between passes, efficient rough between layers, and state-of-the-art ridge removal

High Quality Finishing

Achieve polish-less surface quality.

Robust 3 to 5-axis finising application, providing optimized machining strategy for any model shape. Based on slope and curvature analysis, part geometry, and tool accessibility, finishing machining strategies include:

  • Adaptive Z layers
  • True spiral motions
  • All rounded motions
  • Flow-line machining
  • Cleanup (rest machining) and pencil
  • Slope controlled finishing
  • Optimized CBP (Clean between passes)
  • Unique Redges handling by Zero Overlap trochoidal

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5-Axis Milling

Complete any 5-Axis Job

Cimatron 5-Axis Milling offers you the confidence of knowing that what you see on the screen is exactly what the machine will produce.
Cimatron 5-Axis Milling can program any job, including:

  • Impellers, turbines, blades and blisks.
  • Ports and inlets
  • Rubber molds
  • Complex parts
  • Cutting tools
  • Aerospace structual parts
  • Dental and medical prosthetics
  • Patterns and models
  • Micro milling

Rich Machining Strategies Library

Cimatron 5-Axis Milling includes a large library of machining strategies, and support a full range of cutters - including taper, lollipip and slot mill- and enables:

  • Safe 5-axis rough cutting on any stock shape with short cycle time
  • Flexible strategies for top qualith 5-axis finish cutting
  • 5-axis tilting for machining complex geometries with short conic tools
  • 5-axis text engraving
  • 5-axis micro milling for miniature electronic and medical parts

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Machine Simulation

Advanced Machining Simulations

To generate efficient toolpaths that run safely, Cimatron realistically simulates the machining process, visualizing tool motions in the actual machine environment including:

  • Visualize machine kinematics
  • Collision detection
  • Material removal simulation
  • Remaining stock simulation
  • Toolpath Verification based on post processor output

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