Privacy Policy

CAMTUS, Inc. ("CAMTUS"), under the principle of respecting individuality, deeply recognizes to handle the personal information properly as the social accountability of the company and promises to protect and respect the personal information based on each item below. While educating to all the management and the employees in relation to our company's personal information protection, we assign a supervisor and strive to manage the personal information properly. We shall, excluding those cases where prior consent has been obtained from the relevant person or where it is treated as an exception by the laws and regulations, etc., use personal information only when we notify you of or announce publicly the purpose of use, or when the purpose of use is clear from the circumstances in which your personal information is collected.

CAMTUS, excluding those cases where prior consent has been obtained from the relevant person or where it is treated as an exception by laws and regulations, etc., will not disclose any personal information to any third party. However, if we need to provide your personal information to a third party, the aforementioned third party will be required to maintain strict control of personal information as stipulated in the contractual obligation. We take necessary and appropriate measures for security control of personal information, such as prevention of the loss, damage, and leak of the personal information. If there is complaint and consultation regarding the handling of personal information, or if there is a request for disclosure etc. of the personal information from the person himself/herself (or his/her agent) regarding the personal information which has the authority we may comply with, we will promptly respond to requests by a point of contact we informed you beforehand. We will follow the Japanese laws, guidelines and other norms for the handling of personal information. We all also continue to review and improve our handling of personal information

Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Personal Information CAMTUS may collect personal information about users in the following ways:

[Registration] CAMTUS may require you to register the user name and e-mail address for using some contents. These information may be used for the confirmation or reference of the users when the users use our services.

[Cookies] CAMTUS may use "cookies" to collect information for some contents. Cookies will be remained on the computer when visiting a website. However, they do not contain any personally identifiable information as user name and e-mail address.
CAMTUS may use cookies to analyze about the kind of services the users are interested in, and to deliver the effective advertisements. If you are not comfortable collecting information using cookies, you can modify your browser settings to control whether your computer accepts or declines cookies. If you choose to decline cookies, it may prevent you from using certain parts to our websites and applications, and it may prevent us from offering you some of our services. you may not be able to use certain interactive features of our websites.

2. Use of Your Information CAMTUS may use the information registered in some contents to help us develop, deliver and improve our services more attractive and valuable. We will not disclose personal information to third parties without a consent of the users. We will also not disclose any personal information, unless applied by laws, or unless requested by legal force.

3. Sharing of Personal Information It is likely to be shared on our web site and the network to inform that the name etc. had been filled in to information that can confirm the same individual the person in question whom the user oneself registered before when other personal services of our web site were used. We will not intentionally disclose these individual information to the individual and the group, etc. that have not been approved as a partner on our website.